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Benefits of Regular Maintenance on Your Car

Benefits of Regular Maintenance on Your Car

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Regular maintenance on your vehicle is like going to the dentist for cleaning or your doctor for a physical. Having regular maintenance performed is necessary to keep your vehicle running correctly and safely, as well as extend the life of your vehicle and help it retain value.


It can seem innocent to ignore any type of routine maintenance until something goes wrong. But we probably aren’t the first to tell you that’s a bad idea.

Maintenance intervals and indicators are there for a reason. Take for example a simple engine oil and filter change. Engine oil contains additives including detergents, viscosity index improvers, and corrosion inhibitors. As the oil is circulated and exposed to heat in the engine it breaks down over time. When oil is not changed at the recommended interval it can lose its ability to cool, clean and lubricate your engine properly. This can lead to premature wear, and in some cases major engine failure. Getting your oil changed every few thousand miles is going to be far less than a new engine or having to purchase a vehicle sooner than expected.

An oil change costs around $69.99 at a dealership. If you get your oil changed every 7,000 miles until you replace your car at 100,000 miles the total cost of oil changes over your ownership would be around $1,000. A new engine could cost anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000 in parts alone.

Regular maintenance is also highly important to vehicle safety. For example, regular replacement of brake pads and rotors, as well as brake fluid flushes ensure that your vehicle stops when you need it to.

In addition to the direct advantages of regular vehicle maintenance, bringing your car in for service allows a certified and experienced technician to inspect your vehicle regularly. This allows them to notify you of any issues that need attention before they become a larger, more expensive problem.

Regardless of the car you drive, your regular maintenance schedule can be found in your car’s owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. This will reveal how often you should be replacing particular items and even the right parts and fluid capacities for your vehicle.

Believe it or not regular maintenance is even advantageous when you’re thinking about selling your vehicle. Having a consistent service history makes your vehicle more attractive to buyers because they have an indication that the vehicle will develop less issues in the future.

Between oil changes, brake services, tire rotations and filter changes, maintenance can seem daunting, expensive and easy to ignore. However, regular service will ultimately save you time, money, and prevent potential headaches.

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