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A Message From MSCU CEO: 2020 Will Be the Year of Elevation and Growth

A Message From MSCU CEO: 2020 Will Be the Year of Elevation and Growth

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I am thrilled and deeply honored to be writing to you as your new CEO. Having spent 20+ years in community banking, I came to Mutual Security over 5 years ago to be a champion of the “people helping people” credit union movement.


It didn’t take long for me to understand the difference between customers and members! Our commitment to serving our members and our community is extraordinary here. I’m tremendously grateful for the achievements of our current 75+ employees and humbled to be following in the footsteps of my predecessor, Larry Holderman who has led this organization for over 40 years. Through their compassion and dedication, they have created an unparalleled environment for elevating our community’s financial well-being and ensuring MSCU’s ability to adapt successfully to the inevitable changes that lie ahead.

A personal fact about me is that each year my family goes on a mission trip with our church to Dominican Republic to serve thousands of Haitians living in severe poverty. It was there I learned that Haitians have a proverb - “Dèyè mòn gen mon”, which translates into “beyond mountains there are mountains”.

The start of a new year has many of us mulling over the challenges and opportunities the coming year holds and what plans need to be made. Be it to continue the journey you set previously, determine a small or large course correction or maybe even abandon the route altogether.

Whatever it is, I believe it is safe to assume most of us know the mountain ahead of us. And the one thing I know for sure is that behind every one of those mountains there will be more mountains – but as a member of MSCU, you don’t have to climb them alone.

Whether your mountain includes consolidating debt, purchasing your first home, maximizing your retirement contributions, or increasing your savings; MSCU offers a full-range of convenient solutions, services, and financial education to help you get to your peak.

Our commitment to elevate the well-being of western Connecticut consists of making sure you have the financial resources you need today, tomorrow, and in the future. As a stakeholder in MSCU, we greatly value what you have to say. What matters most to you– matters most to us. Please utilize our member surveys, our website’s “Contact Us” form, and conversations with staff throughout the year to make your voice heard.

By being an active member through utilizing our accounts and services, you enable us to do more in western Connecticut. I’m excited for our community’s next phase of elevation and growth, and I am looking forward to engaging with you in that effort. In the meantime, as I settle in, please feel free to nudge us on Facebook or email if you have any big ideas or information to share. This is the beginning of a longer conversation!

Happy New Year,



Hank_Baum_EmailHank Baum
Chief Executive Officer
Mutual Security Credit Union


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