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8 ways to celebrate Father's Day on a budget


June 16th is Dad’s Day! The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost much money to celebrate Father’s Day in style. After all, you know how much Dad hates it when you waste money!

Here are eight ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget. 

  1. No chores today for Dad

Dad might have a long list of chores to tackle each weekend. From staining the deck to changing the lightbulbs in the basement to seeding the lawn, there’s always something. So let Dad take it easy this one Sunday a year. Tell him he won’t be doing any chores today and that you (and the kids) will be taking care of all his daily chores so he can relax!

  1. Try out Dad’s favorite hobby

Dad’s always into something. Why not indulge him on his day by trying out his favorite hobby with him? Whether building elaborate train sets, playing pickleball, or tinkering with cars that haven’t run in years, spend some time doing what Dad loves best–together. 

  1. Go fishing

Who loves spending a morning out on the lake more than Dad? Be the one to initiate this trip, and tell him you’ll take him fishing this Father’s Day. Pick up the bait, choose the waterway, and pack snacks, drinks, and sunscreen for the day. 

Now go and catch something fresh for dinner!

  1. Create a coupon book

Get creative this Father’s Day with a coupon book created just for Dad. Fill a scrapbook or a photo album with decorated coupons that Dad can use whenever he chooses. These can include “coupons” for his favorite dinner, a weekend of chores, or even first dibs at the remote for a night. 

  1. Binge-watch Dad’s favorite shows

Whether  Prison Break or Criminal Minds, every Dad has his favorite shows. And how often do you watch along with him? Have the entire family allow Dad to manage the screen and join in his binge-watching. Don’t forget to prepare the popcorn and Dad’s favorite drink!

  1. Bake some homemade treats

Find the way to Dad’s heart this Father’s Day with a fresh batch of homemade baked treats. You can arrange a sampling of homemade baked goods in a basket, choosing Dad’s favorites and wrapping it up with a pretty bow. 

  1. Build a memory book

Pull up some of Dad’s best memories in a book of photos and mementos. Label the pictures with the date, time, and events being featured. Present it to Dad for a shared trip down memory lane. 

  1. Host a barbecue

Invite some of Dad’s friends and family for a fun and casual barbecue in the backyard. Oh, and be sure to do all the work so he can spend more time having fun!  

Use our tips to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget that would make Dad proud.  

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