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Foundation Awards MSCU Grant for Financial Empowerment Program


Mutual Security Credit Union (MSCU) is a proud grant recipient of the National Credit Union Foundation’s Pathways to Financial Empowerment Program. The grant, led by Inclusiv and Neighborhood Trust, will provide the opportunity for MSCU to offer member-centric financial coaching to members and the local community through best-in-class training to employees. 

MSCU will also receive access to Inclusiv’s new Financial Empowerment Learning Center training to ensure a smooth adoption and integration of the Pathways to Financial Empowerment coaching program. This will be part of an ongoing two-year strategy, with quarterly check-ins with the Foundation in 2023.
According to Inclusiv, the credit union-based coaching provides financial education, "ongoing support, behavioral tools, and access to safe and affordable financial services." The program is a holistic pathway to financial wellness, which people can benefit from in order to live a more financially healthy life.

The Pathways to Financial Empowerment Program will be an expansion to MSCU’s Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) trained coaches, which is a financial coaching certification led by the Credit Union National Association.
For additional information on the Pathways to Financial Empowerment Grant, visit the National Credit Union Foundation.

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