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2022 Community Service Scholarship


Congratulations to one of our Community Service Scholarship recipients, Sally Kirk!

Sally has completed over 700 hours of local community service throughout the Fairfield County. From collecting non-perishables for Homes for the Brave, to raising domestic violence awareness and creating care packages for the Center for Family Justice, Sally has done their best to make an impact in their community. “I feel great satisfaction in being able to engage in these activities, as they have allowed me to meet new people, develop my leadership skills, and make a positive impact,” Sally noted.

As President of the Interact Club at Trumbull High School, an affiliate club of the Rotary organization, Sally was the liaison between teachers and Rotary advisors, oversaw club officers, and led all club plans, activities, and meetings. During sophomore year, they attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), a three-day leadership conference where attendees had the opportunity to create a service-oriented project to benefit their local community.

There, Backpacks for Hope was co-founded with RYLA peers, with the mission to provide backpacks for homeless people in the Fairfield County. Although many projects from the conference ended shortly thereafter, Sally’s commitment to helping others led to the project’s expansion. Since its inception, Backpacks for Hope has provided over 250 backpacks filled with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and other essentials. The backpacks are distributed to the Alpha Community Services, which provides temporary housing and services to the homeless.

This Fall, Sally is attending American University with a major in Political Science. Sally aspires to become a Lawyer, where they can continue serving others. “Packing backpacks for those in need, running food drives, raising money for organizations and individuals in need, helping animals, and encouraging others to become future leaders gives me purpose and confidence to pursue more opportunities to help others in college and beyond,” Sally said.

Thank you, Sally, for your continued effort in caring for our community. The MSCU family wishes you all the best in your college endeavors!

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