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Why Refer Friends and Family to Your Financial Professional

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If you’re currently working with a financial professional at Mutual Security Credit Union, think back for a moment to the time before you begin your financial planning journey. Maybe your overall financial picture was just fine — or maybe it was chaotic and uncertain. Perhaps you earned plenty of money, but failed to invest it wisely to help grow your assets and secure your future...or you may have made risky choices and wasted a lot of time and energy worrying about your investments.

Now think back to how you began to feel after you met with your financial professional, and you worked together to put a plan in place: the sense of discipline, accomplishment, and reassurance you began to feel by taking control of your finances. Maybe it started with debt management, and from there you built an emergency fund. In time, you may have begun saving for retirement, exploring investment vehicles, and even evaluating insurance products with the help of your experienced professional.

When you consider the satisfaction you feel about the financial progress you’ve made...wouldn’t you want friends, family, and loved ones to share that same experience?


6 Great Reasons to Refer Others to Your Financial Professional

There are so many reasons to seek the advice of an experienced financial professional at Mutual Security Credit Union.

  1. You’re satisfied with the recommended solutions. Maybe your previous financial professional didn’t take the time to show you all your options, and your current one does. That helps you feel informed about your decisions. Chances are, you know someone who would feel as pleased as you do, given the same time and attention.
  2. You have achieved measurable gains in your financial plan. Maybe your friend, acquaintance, or colleague has expressed an interest in financial planning or other services, but they haven’t yet taken steps to meet with a professional, and you want them to benefit from making the right choice. You have seen for yourself the real, measurable gains that can come from planning. Why not share that insight?
  3. You understand the need to plan around major life events. Your friend or family member is approaching, or recently experienced a major financial milestone, and you understand the ways they stand to gain by working with a professional. These milestones can be some of the best days of your life, like marriage or the birth of a child; or they can be some of the most challenging events, such as a job loss or the death of a spouse.
  4. You were pleasantly surprised by the range of products and services offered. It sometimes comes as a surprise when credit union members first begin working with financial professionals, the vast array of financial, investment, and even insurance products they have access to by working with their credit union financial professional. By spreading the word, you could be helping friends and family save in the long run.
  5. You’re truly pleased with the experience of working with your professional. And maybe a friend, colleague, or acquaintance has mentioned that his or her financial professional just doesn’t seem interested or doesn’t seem to understand his or her goals, challenges, or priorities. You, on the other hand, feel heard, valued, and cared for as an individual — and the importance of that service is clear to you.
  6. You want to share the peace of mind you’ve achieved. You appreciate the way your financial professional was able to put you at ease with planning, and you want your friends and loved ones to enjoy that same sense of financial empowerment.

Mutual Security Credit Union makes it easy and hassle-free to get started working with a financial professional, so you can feel confident referring friends and family. They’ll enjoy the same friendly, hassle-free experience you did — and like you, they can benefit from the peace of mind of planning and achieving their own financial goals.

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