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Mother's Day on a Budget!


You don’t have to blow your budget to show Mom you care this Mother’s Day. We’ve got a list of wonderful ways to spend the day that will hardly make a dent in your wallet. Here are eight ways to celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget.

  • Plan a family outing

The weather is generally mild and pleasant around Mother’s Day, so why not spend time outdoors with Mom? Pack a picnic basket of all her favorites or have family members bring along one food item to enjoy together. You can also plan some games and activities or bring some sports equipment to up the fun factor. Who said a good time has to cost a lot of money?

  • Bake some of Mom’s favorite treats

Tie up that apron, pull out the cookbooks and bake up a storm for Mom! Package your treats in a pretty basket and include all of Mom’s favorites. Deliver it to Mom’s doorstep along with her favorite drink for a complete Mother’s Day indulgence. 

  • Make a coupon book for Mom

Use an inexpensive photo album and fill the pages with “coupons” that Mom can use as she pleases. Include coupons for a home-cooked meal of her favorite dinner, help in the garden when she needs it and a new ebook or hardback of her choice.

  • Gift mom with a beauty hamper

Find a pretty hamper, and fill it with all sorts of inexpensive beauty and pampering products, like lotions, bath bombs, scented candles, face masks and spa-type scrubs. Let Mom enjoy an hour or two for her at-home spa treatment that will truly make her feel like a queen this Mother’s Day.

  • Make a family scrapbook

No one loves looking at old family photos like Mom. Indulge her this Mother’s Day by creating a scrapbook filled with your best shared moments. 

  • Binge- watch a favorite TV show together

What better way to spend time with Mom this Mother’s Day than to watch her favorite TV shows together? Pop some fresh popcorn or go all out and order pizza, get comfy and have fun streaming Mom’s all-time best shows. 

  • Give Mom a gift card to her favorite store

You can score a discounted card on sites like GiftCardGranny and CardCash, where you’ll get more bang for your buck and give Mom a larger gift for less. 

  • Plan a scavenger hunt

Give Mom a great time on Mother’s Day and let the entire family join in the fun with a well-planned scavenger hunt! Come up with clues together with the kids (or grandkids), using inside jokes and all of Mom’s favorite sayings. Then, hide them around the house and yard to send Mom on a trip to find her gift. 

Use our tips for creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year without spending a boatload of money.  

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We are all ears: Tell us all about your Mother’s Day plans in comment section below!

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